Historic Route of Ethiopia: Create a Long-Lasting Memory

1 min ago

For intrepid travellers, Ethiopia is the place. Alongside trekking, the country offers lot more to satisfy your adventurous zeal. Travel to Ethiopia to create lifetime memories with your loved ones. While the mysterious castles, rock-hewn churches, and remains of ancient monasteries reflect its rich history, Simien Mountain National Park will amaze you with its abundant flora and fauna. Most of the Ethiopian holiday packages include Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum and Lalibela, and Simien Mountain National Park in its North Historic Route.

Bahir Dar, nestling in the breezy lakeshore of Tana, will take you amidst the nature. Know about their culture closely by watching the local fishermen sailing in their traditional papyrus reed boats. The spectacular Blue Nile Falls is a great region to go for an easy hike. Watching how the twilight drops its curtain, here you will restore the tranquillity of your mind.




Gondar is another famous tourist spot in the historic route. It is a four-hour drive tour to Ethiopia north region, taking you through many villages. Meet the friendly Amhara people on the way. Visit Royal Enclosure that is comprised of six castles and some buildings. Apart from it, Debre Birhan Selassie Church and the venue for Timket celebrations, Fasilidas’s pool is reflecting the brilliant architecture of the era.



On the trip to Ethiopia, the third destination will be Simien Mountain National Park. You can definitely consider it as a fascinating home to a wide variety of wildlife. A gentle walk in the mountain will bring you close to the unique Gelada Baboons. While trekking, seeing the huge lammergeier falcon is quite common. End the day by savouring delicious dishes at one of the many restaurants of the place.

Axum and Lalibela are also there to amaze you with plenitude of artistic collections. Axum is regarded as the ‘Second Jerusalem’. Major sights of Axum include Queen of Sheba’s Palace, Archaeological Museum, King Ezana’s Christian inscription, and many more. The next morning, fly to Lalibela to see how art has once evolved in this place. Explore king Lalibela’s churches and you will come to know why it is the most famous of all historical sites of the country. Bet Maryam and Bet Danaghel are other sites that deserve mention.



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