Why travel with us?

We are truly different!

What makes Absolute Ethiopia Tours different from other local tour operators? Go through the six peculiarities of our service and you will realize what really makes us unique.

1. Building Absolute Vacations

Building absolute vacations is not simply a marketing slogan; rather it is our Company’s philosophy! Whether we are offering you with a customized package that caters for your dream vacation or a selected package from our sample products, we only make it ready for sell when we believe that your vacation will offer you an authentic travel experience that ends as ‘a memory of a lifetime’.

At Absolute Ethiopia Tours, we plan out vacation packages to embrace surprises and immerse you within the extraordinary cultures, ancient histories and nature of the country. All our tour packages advocate a branding concept of interaction, building friendship with the local community and learning new cultures; all to be remain within your memories forever. We are sure that this will make your holiday an absolutely bespoken one!

2. Personalized Services:

All our service packages are fully customizable.
We are not making and selling vacation packages as we would like to, rather, we always do it as our valued clients would like them to be. You may found several suggested package of tours but we would always leave them for your individualized customization.

We are always open and committed to your travel interests. We realize that your vacation dreams embrace lots of personal interests, needs, and desires. With that in mind, our job would be to assist you in meeting your wishes and needs as you have dreamt them. You are only expected to share us your dreams; we will rightly fix the rest.

3. Our value for your money:

In a single tour package, there would be different service components. We know that failing to partner with all services suppliers within the supply chain, rightly, could affect the whole package. How we are building all those services components as package tours?

Our packages accommodations:

Ethiopia is one of the emerging tourist destinations in the African continent. Its tourism industry is still in a growing stage. Even if there are numerous hotels and lodges offering European and Western standard service levels, there are still some major destinations that only have basic accommodation services. However, we are always careful in selecting the best possible accommodation available in the market that will suit you.

Our Guides:

Our favorite maxim about guides is: “a guide can break or make a trip’’. Despite great accommodation services, coupled with delicious meals and latest model vehicles, a trip will not be enjoyed without informative, helpful, creative and professional guides. Our guides are carefully selected on the basis of their professionalism, all-rounded knowledge and passion for their career. We are sure that they will make your traveling experience like no other.

Our Transportation Backbone:

Whether your holiday is carried out with Mini-buses, 4WDs or Coaster buses, we deliver the best possible vehicles that ensure your comfort throughout your trip. We will make sure that you only think about what you would be inking on your diary as a unique experience, while how you will come across such an experience will be taken care of by us.

Relaxed Sightseeing and Comprehensive Itinerary:
We always strive to plan your trips in each destination to give you a relaxed and sufficient time to explore and internalize the cultures of the local people, and interact with them. Certainly, our service is planned in a way that ensures a comprehensive travel experience.

4. Your Safety:

Whether you are traveling as a group, moving with your family member or alone, your safety throughout the trip is our ultimate priority. Our helpful local guides in each destination, drivers and escort tour leaders are always at your service to make your vacations smooth.

5. Reliability:

Once we received your trust to book your precious holiday with us, we extremely take care of it to execute all the promises we gave you with the best possible perfection. We believe vacations are precious commodities and a high level of perfection is required to make them worthwhile. No doubt that you are seeing our peculiarities, but there is one more thing.

6. Fast Responses and Last Minute Bookings:

Did you decide to take your holiday very lately? Do not worry!
Absolute Ethiopia Tours is your reliable partner to make your late vacation booking perfect. You will have a reply for your emails within 24 Hours. No delay! We are always committed to get back you with comprehensive responses, of course, embracing all the more important professional suggestions for your inquiries.