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Birding Tours

Ethiopia Birding Tours

Enjoy birding tours in Ethiopia, a paradise for bird lovers in Africa and around the world.

Being a global center of avian diversity, Ethiopia displays an impressive avifauna comprising of 924 species with 23 of them endemic to the country. It is in no doubt one of Africa’s leading birding destinations. Truly, Ethiopia is an incredible birder’s paradise!

Tour Highlights & Best time to Go

Tour Highlights – Unique and endemic birds including Wattled ibis, Golden-backed Woodpecker and Blue-winged Goose

Best time to go – between October and March


Best of Ethiopian Birding Tour

Ethiopia is one of the continent’s top birding destinations in Africa and in this trip you will have an opportunity to see more than 450 birds including all of Ethiopia’s endemics, Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco and Spot-breasted Lapwing…

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Ethiopia Birdwatching Tour

Ethiopia is one of the most fascinating African countries for birding with its wonderful light, diverse habitats, amazing scenery and very rich and often colorful flora and fauna. Its unique diversified landscape and eco-systems’ gives back for the country reach in nature.

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