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Trekking and Adventure Tours in Ethiopia

Go on a trekking and adventure tour in Ethiopia and explore spectacular sites.

Ethiopia is a mesmerizing land of incredible adventures. From fantastic parks and amazing historical sites to breathtaking highs (Semien Mountains trekking) and astounding lows (Danakil Depression).

The Danakil Depression features bright yellow and orange pools thus, it is called “hell on Earth”. It exhibits one of the most extreme climates found on the planet and what makes it more fascinating is that even here, life has found its way.

The Simien Mountains is a mystical world of primordial forests, misty peaks, bizarre plants and exotic creatures like the walia ibex and gelada baboon. Trekking these highlands is like stepping into another universe of glory and immense beauty.

Weather-wise in the Semien mountains, temperatures do not change significantly throughout the year. It is mostly “summer every day and winter every night” except in June to September when chances of rainfall is at its peak. The coldest months are October to December and between February and March, you are most likely to encounter short periods of rain everyday. From November to March, skies are clear and the sun is strong.

Tour Highlights & Best time to Go

Tour Highlights – Semien Mountains, Danakil Depression, Awash National Park and Lalibela

Best time to go – trekking is possible at any time of year but best months are September through November


Highlights of the Danakil Depression

Explore the most magnificent version of “Hell” on Earth – the most extraordinary active volcano explosion in Erita Ala and the attractive color combination of sulfurs and potash in Dallol…

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Awash National Park, Danakil Depression and Lalibela

This package is the real expedition to one of the hottest places on Earth, a visit in Awash National Park and a sightseeing tour to the impressive Rock- churches of Lalibela…

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Absolute Adventure to the Simien Mountains

Dreaming to experience the beauty of the famous Simien Mountains? Start your adventure with this package tour that will take you to the highest peak in Ethiopia and fourth highest in the entire continent.

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Explore the Semien Mountains with Lalibela

The Simien Mountain range is one of Africa’s largest and many of its peaks rise above 4000m. If your are to revel in this kind of beauty, make sure you travel with experts who can provide an authentic adventure of outdoor fun mixed with an excursion to the rock churches of Lalibela.

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Highlights of Simien Mountains Trekking

The trip visits the real highlights of the Simien Mountains and within 7 days of vacation, you can visit the Simien Mountain range, one of Africa’s largest where many of its peaks rise above 4000m.

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