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Top Ethiopia Tours
Go on a trekking and adventure tour, Cultural and Historical Immersion or Visit Unesco sites. If you can’t decide, simply send us an email and we’ll plan it for you

Tour Highlights & Best time to Go

Tour Highlights – Yeha, Axum, Tigray Rock Hewn Churches, Lalibella, Gondar, Harar, Bahir Dar

Best time to go – excellent all year-round but between October and June is highly recommended


Discover the Historic Routes

There is no better way to explore Ethiopia without missing its major Historical sites of the Christian Highlands of North Ethiopia than this 14 Nights and 15 Days package tour.

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Excursion to Lalibela

Carved out of solid rock in the 12th century, the churches are described by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and considering as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’.

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Historic Route, Awash National Park and Harar

Experience a perfect blend of history and nature as you discover the Northern and Eastern regions of Ethiopia in an adventure that’s unrivaled in every way!

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Historic Route with Tigray Church

If you’ve been looking a package Holiday that ensures to cover the whole Northern Historic route with in your 12 days vacation, then this is the tour for you!

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Historic Route and Trekking in Semien Mountains

Enjoy superb wilderness tracking on a highly dramatic scenery and at the same time experience the most fascinating history of Northern Ethiopia…

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Discover Tribal Ethiopia

This trip is carefully designed to offer you the best of Omo Valley with the exceptional experience of the local villagers’ interaction with visiting one of the tribe’s family houses as a guest.

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Highlights of the OMO Valley

Fly down to Arba Minch and prepare to get fascinated with various Omo Valley tribes including the Konso tribes, the Mursi tribes in Mago National Park, and the spectacular Hamer tribes in Turmi.

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Omo Valley, Harar and Awash National Park

Experience a remarkable collection of landscapes to the Omo Valley with its peoples and cultures and the historical Islamic Center of Harar while visiting Awash National Park on the way…

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Highlights of the Danakil Depression

Explore the most magnificent version of “Hell” on Earth – the most extraordinary active volcano explosion in Erita Ala and the attractive color combination of sulfurs and potash in Dallol…

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Awash National Park, Danakil Depression and Lalibela

This package is the real expedition to one of the hottest places on Earth, a visit in Awash National Park and a sightseeing tour to the impressive Rock- churches of Lalibela…

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Absolute Adventure to the Semien Mountains

Dreaming to experience the beauty of the famous Semien Mountains? Start your adventure with this package tour that takes you to the highest peak in Ethiopia and fourth highest in the entire continent.

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Explore the Semien Mountains with Lalibela

The Simien Mountain range is one of Africa’s largest and many of its peaks rise above 4000m. If your are to revel in this kind of beauty, make sure you travel with experts who can provide an authentic adventure of outdoor fun mixed with an excursion to the rock churches of Lalibela.

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Highlights of Semien Mountains Trekking

The trip visits the real highlights of the Semien Mountains and within 7 days of vacation, you can visit the Simien Mountain range, one of Africa’s largest where many of its peaks rise above 4000m.

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Best of Ethiopian Birding Tour

Ethiopia is one of the continent’s top birding destinations in Africa and in this trip you will have an opportunities to see more than 450 Birds including all of Ethiopia’s endemics, including Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco and Spot-breasted Lapwing…

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Addis Ababa City Tour

Experience what Ethiopia has to offer to the world by visiting its capital city, Addis Ababa. A journey like no other.

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Historic Route With Simien Mountains, Tigray Churches And Danakil Depression

Discover the scenic Simien Mountain, historic Tigray Churches and Danakil Depression through these amazing historic route.

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Historic Route, Bale Mountain and Omo Valley

Explore the historic features and breath-taking scenes of Bale Mountain and Omo Valley.

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Omo Valley Tour

When it comes true to have a comprehensive cultural trips in Ethiopia with the best of what the country offers in south Omo valley, this 9 days tour will be definitely suite the travellers interest to explore and experience the Tribal cultural values in South Ethiopia.

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Classic Ethiopia Tour

If you are interested to explore one of the glorious ancient human being civilizations in the continent of Africa, this tour is completely designed for your best and it defiantly suites your interest.

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Semien Mountains Trekking Tour

The trip is the real highlight of the semien mountains and with in your 7 days vacation you can visit the Simien Mountain range is one of Africa’s largest and many of its peaks rise above 4000m.

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Complete Ethiopia Tour

When it comes true to have a comprehensive vacation with the best of what Ethiopia offers for the keen travelers, this package should be selected as it is compiled from the top visited attraction sites with the most relaxed visiting time.

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Colors of Ethiopia Tour

If you have been dreaming a holiday to experience the ancient history, landscapes, remote farm lands, looking the farmers village over your 4 WD car windows and learning the local cultures based on your own travel pace, this package is specifically design to make happen your dream vacation in to a real memories of Ethiopia.

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Taste of Ethiopia Tour

Are you in dilemma about your limited date of Holidays in Ethiopia and at the same time want to experience the most famous tourist attraction of North and South parts of country? Please don’t look further; this is a perfect holiday for you that help to cover the whole major historical attractions of North Ethiopia

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Historic Route with Omo Valley Tour

When it comes true to have a comprehensive Ethiopia Vacation with the best of what the country offers, this two weeks tour will be definitely suite the travellers interest.

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