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Why you should travel to Ethiopia


The country is blessed with 9 World Heritage Sites: 8 of them due to cultural aspects and 1 is for its natural splendor.

Ease of Travel

Ethiopia is connected to different major cities in the world, with 45 public airports including a world-class international gateway (ADD).

Cultural Diversity

With over 80 ancient tribes and 70 languages, there is truly no other country in the world with such incredible cultural diversity!

Gastronomic Experience

Food in Ethiopia is fantastic and wide-range. Feast on international dishes or try the local cuisines which are often sumptuously spicy!

Omo Valley- Cultural Express

No. of Days: 9 Days

The diversified cultural aspect of Ethiopia is peerless! Experience this fascinating side of Ethiopia as you explore the Omo Valley to Arba Minch, Konso, Jinka and Turmi.

A Taste of Ethiopia

No. of Days: 15 Days

Cover the major historical attractions in the north and the cultural villages in the south with what limited time you have and create a remarkable Ethiopian holiday for a lifetime!

Classic Ethiopia

No. of Days: 8 Days

Discover the magic of Ethiopia from the glorious Semien mountains, the mysterious ancient monasteries and kingdom, the rock churches of Lalibela and more!

Addis Ababa

No. of Days: 1 Day

Visiting Ethiopia’s capital city for a day? This tour takes you to the star attractions of Addis Ababa! You can even meet Lucy, the oldest hominid ever found!