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The country of Ethiopia promises a lot of magic in store for anyone who visits her. With a wealth of fantastic wildlife, boundless natural beauty, exciting and unique outdoor experiences plus its incredible richness in history, it is safe to say that Ethiopia is indeed unlike anywhere else in the world. Whether you’re visiting alone for your solo backpacking trip or you’re flying in with friends and family or you’re on a romantic getaway with your loved one, Ethiopia will never fail to amaze you. From the  majestic Semien Mountains up above to the amazing Danakil Depression down below and even all the historical sites, cultural tribes, unique fauna and sweeping landscapes in between, there will always be a string of destinations that will sweep you off your feet…

We have nothing to lose and a world to see. Because life is either an adventure or nothing.

Ethiopian Highlights

Danakil Depression

“Hell on Earth”

Explore one of the most exotic and incredibly unique destinations of the world! Danakil Depression, the lowest part of the entire Africa, is a place never to be missed.

Omo Valley Sites

Culture Express

A highlight to any trip, the imperiled Omo Valley displays one of the most glorious African landscapes and more importantly, most fascinating tribes!

Uneso World Heritage Tribes

Culture Express
No. of Days: 10 Days

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Historic Route

Culture Express

Take a glimpse of Ethiopia’s spectacular history and culture and experience one of the most authentic cultures in the world by wandering around the northern region…

Omo Valley Tribes

Culture Express

Ethiopia has always been renowned all over the world for its decorated tribes including those who live in Omo Valley – some of the most authentic and colorful tribes ever seen!

Uneso World Heritage Tribes

Culture Express

Boasting of 9 World Heritage Sites comprising of 8 cultural sites and 1 natural wonder which is the Semien Mountains, one can never go wrong with a trip to Ethiopia.