Guides and Vehicles

The Tour Guides

Absolute Ethiopia Tours understand that tour guides greatly influence the quality of your holidays. Hence, we gathered a group of licensed travel experts who are impressively geared with wide-range relevant experiences in tourism and customer service as well as the charm and wit to create fun and unforgettable experiences for you and your travel buddies.

Our tour guides know exactly where to go and what to do but, every tour is personalized according to your desires. With much gusto, our guides will take you to what you want to see and experience and even make suggestions and show you how to “tour like a local”. Each guide can tell engaging stories, intriguing facts and can take you to secret magical spots.

Possess years of

Born and raised as locals, we have acquired superior knowledge rooted from our local as well as guiding experience over the years.

Professional Training & Education

We are all professionally trained and certified to handle travel and tours around our beautiful country.

Fluent in several languages

Each staff is well-versed and able to speak multiple languages fluently including English.

Trained in Customer Service

Equipped with exemplary customer service skills that will make sure you will have the optimum African holiday experience.

Our Professional Group Leaders

Samson Tilahun

Samson, being a tour guide for several years have acquired not only vast experience about his profession but have also developed a great network. Local guides within Ethiopia would smile at the sight of him and guests have attested to his professionalism with a straight positive review records.

Henok Yemenu

Henok, a passionate guide first, and an avid football fan, second. Don’t be tricked with his shy smiles as beneath lies a treasure of experience and knowledge about Ethiopia’s rich culture and traditions. He has a very welcoming smile, a reflection of Ethiopia’s warm hospitality.

Amanuel Yitayew

An avid supporter of social services (and Liverpool), and sustainable traveling, Amanuel has a big heart with an admirable knowledge of Ethiopia. He knows specific details down to the dates and is very passionate about introducing nature and history to his clients.

Kibrom Tesfay

Kibrom was born in Tigray region, northern Ethiopia, often considered as an open air museum. Aside from modern education, he was made to follow religious education, a golden opportunity that had made him very familiar with Ethiopia’s top religious sights particularly the Lalibela.

Our Vehicles

Regularly Maintained – Our vehicles are in strict regular maintenance to ensure an optimized performance & safety.

Insured Vehicles – Each vehicle is on a reliable motor insurance with 24/7 access to an emergency helpline.

Thoroughly Cleaned – Before every tour, we make sure each vehicle is cleaned inside-out to guarantee comfort throughout.