Excursion and City tours

Explore a different side of Africa on a fascinating adventure starting with its sprawling capital city, Addis Ababa. Indulge in city tours (in Ethiopia) that are not only beguiling but also eye-opening of the peerless history of the country. You can explore Addis Ababa’s restaurants on a culinary tour; learn traditional cooking the Ethiopian way, and get to know the local neighborhoods. Some of the must-visit sites in the city include National Museum of Ethiopia, Meskel Square, Mount Entoto, copper-domed Holy Trinity Cathedral, and Addis Central Market.
Addis Ababa is also a great place for shopping spices, food, cooking pots and even quirky things. The streets and outdoor spaces in Addis Ababa is very beautiful, too – thanks to its very comfortable weather.
Other cities to explore in Ethiopia include:
Bahir Dar: Home to lakeside monasteries, found in the northwest of Addis Ababa. Some travelers describe this city as the “Ethiopian Riviera.” The most striking feature of Bahir Dar is the world’s famous Blue Nile Falls which has been fondly compared to Canada’s Niagara Falls. In fact, Blue Nile Falls is one of Ethiopia’s most treasured tourist attractions and definitely a must-see.
Adama: A delightful small town previously known as Nazaret, Adama is a popular weekend destination for many Ethiopians as it is only approximately 22 minutes away from the capital city. During the 22-minute journey, travelers get to enjoy stunning scenery composed of spectacular falls, green hills, historic buildings and inspiring art. When you reach the town itself, you will not only enjoy this town but you can also relax in refreshing beaches and mountains.
Harar: Sitting in the eastern highlands of Ethiopia is world heritage-listed Harar, a city famed for its hyena feeding stations and its fascinating alleyways. The city also features mosques, shrines, animated markets and charming people.
Gondar: Gondar is an enthralling city of Ethiopia famous for its castles and delicious coffee. It is also an excellent place to enjoy festivals such as Timkat every January.

Tour Highlights & Best time to Go

Tour Highlights – National Museum of Ethiopia, Meskel Square, Mount Entoto, copper-domed Holy Trinity Cathedral, and Addis Central Market
Best time to go – excellent all year-round
1 Day Addis Ababa City Tour
Discover what Ethiopia has to offer by visiting its capital city, Addis Ababa. A journey like no other.
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